Payment FAQs

Here at Fandom Prints site, we assure that our customers are protected when it comes to their payment information and details either Credit Card, Debit Card or even using Paypal account. That is why we highly recommend the safest way to pay online purchases. PayPal is a reputable company with enough security and consumer protection in place to keep you relatively safe online.

If you have Paypal account, simply login to your account and complete the purchase.

1. Be sure you select the "Pay With Debit or Credit Card

2. Fill-in your Credit Card or Debit Card details. This will require your Address, Phone Number and e-mail address. Review the details for confirmation and click on “Pay Now” to confirm your payment.

3. To complete your payment, click “No Thanks” if asked to create a new Paypal account. A confirmation email will be sent to confirm your purchase.

We look forward on seeing you shop again with us!

Tips on Paypal Troubleshooting Issues

1.       I am not redirected to Paypal payment page. An error is usually detected on Paypal’s browser cookies. Delete these cookies to fix error.

2.       Paypal does not accept my credit card? Please confirm all the credit details are correct. If you currently own a paypal account that is linked to your credit card, you can immediately proceed with your payment.

3.       There is no Pay with Debit or Credit Card Option. Under certain circumstances, Paypal does not accept direct credit card payment when there are issues on the ownership of a specific Paypal account or due to geographic region selected as you Paypal address.